FIRST BLOG! Where it all Started...

FIRST BLOG! Where it all Started...

Hy Everyone! 

We thought we would start a blog to document everything that goes on at Bathboards Ltd! 

We are a small family business established in 2017. A husband & Wife Team!

We started making bathboards from home as Mr Bathboards was a bench joiner and Mrs Bathboards was a stay at home mam who loved a bath as a way of relaxing after full on days with our 3 children. 

Mr Bathboards made a bathboard for Mrs Bathboards and it just snowballed from there!

Family and friends started showing interest and wanted one, we thought why not try and sell a couple online as people were really seeming to like what we were doing! 

We started out on Facebook selling sites and from there our own Facebook and Instagram Pages where we now  have over 100k followers... getting to that point is a story for another blog!  

We worked from home for a couple of years making bathboards in our garage ( sorry neighbours) and packing up the orders in our dining room! 

Our house constantly smelt of wood & paint lol there were boxes, packaging and boards everywhere, we worked pretty much all the time and still do but we do tend to give ourselves off the weekends nowadays to rest!

Mr Bathboards worked two jobs for the first few years which was hard on us all but we started to think we could really make a full time job for us both, so ploughed ahead not really knowing anything about having a business! 

And here we are today! 2022 We’ve upgraded to our second larger workshop and both work full time 24/7 on our little business it’s tough but amazing at the same time!

Thankyou for reading our blog, let us know if you would like to know more! 

Big Love 

Mr & Mrs Bathboards! 

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